có ... không

Does someone have ... ?

  • A yes/no question to ask if someone has something.

  • "có" acts as a verb "to have" in this structure.

  • Between có (...) không would be a noun or noun phrase.

  • Structure: { Subject + có + something + không? }


Em có 50 ngàn không?

Do you have 50 thousand?


Cái áo này có size S không?

Does this shirt has size S?


Ảnh có con trai không?

Does he have a son?


Phòng bếp của em có lò nướng không?

Does your kitchen have an oven?


Trong tủ lạnh của em có bia không?

Inside your fridge, does it have beers?


Em có cấy viết dư nào không?

Do you have any extra pen?



All the above sentences use:

  • "Anh" as the 1st Person (I)

  • "Em" as the 2nd Person (You)

  • "Ảnh / Cổ" as the 3rd Person (He/She)

Please change to the appropriate pronoun according to whom you are talking to. Check out Personal Pronouns under Grammar if you're unsure.