12 Must-try Famous Vietnamese Fruits

12 Must-try Famous Vietnamese Fruits

Just like cheese, if in Italy you have different types of cheese in different regions, here in Vietnam, we have an abundance of delicious fruits from North to South.

But here is the list of your 12 must-try Vietnamese fruits if you are addicted to tropical fruits. Find these fruit types from its listed origins, you will be able to taste the best of its kind!


(Vietnamese name)
(English name)
Xuất xứ
Đặc điểm
Bưởi Da Xanh Bưởi Da Xanh Ruby Grapefruit / Pomelo Bến Tre province - green skin
- pink pulp sections
- light sweet taste
Bưởi Năm Roi Bưởi Năm Roi Grapefruit / Pomelo Southwest provinces - thick pulp sections
- Less seeds
- very aromatic with light sweet taste
Vải Thiều Vải Thiều Lychee Thanh Hà-Hải Dương province - thin skin
- thick pulp
- small seed
- very sweet taste
Nhãn Lồng Nhãn Lồng Longan Hưng Yên province - thick white pulp
-chewy & crunchy
- sweet taste
Nhãn Xuồng Nhãn Xuồng Cơm Vàng Longan Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu - bigger than other logan types
- light yellow pulp
- very aromatic
- sweet & crunchy
Thanh Long Thanh Long Dragon Fruit Bình Thuận province - bright red skin
- crunchy & sweet
- lots of nutrients
Xoài Cát Xoài Cát Mango Hoà Hưng-Tiền Giang province - fresh yellow color
- thick and firm pulp
Quýt Hồng Quýt Hồng Tangerine Lai Vung-Đồng Tháp province - thin skin
- succulent pulp
- light and fresh sweetness
Sầu Riêng Sầu Riêng Durian Southern provinces & Tây Nguyên - beautiful yellow pulps
- thick & fragrant smell
sweet & have small seeds
Vú Sữa Vú Sữa Star Apple Châu Thành-Tiền Giang province - thin and shiny skin
tasty & sweet pulp
Măng Cụt Măng Cụt Mangosteen Chợ Lách-Bến Tre province - many pulp sections
- less seed
- aromatic and sweet
Hồng Xiêm Hồng Xiêm Sapote Châu Thành-Tiền Giang province - thin skin
- succulent, aromatic and very sweet once ripped

How many have you ticked in this fruit list? Let me know what fruits have you tried so far in Vietnam!

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