hả / phải không

... right?

  • is equivalent to 'tag' questions 'isn't he? don't you? weren't they?' or simply 'right? correct?'

  • is placed at the end of a statement to form a tag question to seek confirmation

  • hả is used more often than phải không in spoken Southern dialect

  • Structure: { A statement + hả? / phải không? }


Cổ là bác sĩ hả?

She is a doctor, right?


Ảnh là bạn trai của em hả?

He is your boyfriend, right?


Em mới tới hả?

You've just arrived?


Em khỏi bệnh rồi hả?

You've already recovered (from illness)?


Hồi trước em sống ở Mỹ hả?

Last time, you lived in the US, right?


Em nghỉ làm ở công ty rồi hả?

You already quit working at the company?



All the above sentences use:

  • "Anh" as the 1st Person (I)

  • "Em" as the 2nd Person (You)

  • "Ảnh / Cổ" as the 3rd Person (He/She)

Please change to the appropriate pronoun according to whom you are talking to. Check out Personal Pronouns under Grammar if you're unsure.