22 Flirting Phrases in Vietnamese | How to express your Love

22 Flirting Phrases in Vietnamese | How to express your Love


Before we dive into those 22 sweet phrases, you actually need to know how to address your partner in Vietnamese!

Unlike English where you can simply say you and me, Vietnamese language also takes in account the person age and gender to determine the appropriate pronouns to be used.

However, in the relationship, a Vietnamese couple address each other simply as anh and em, regardless of age (who is older or younger). Anh is used to address the male, or for the male to address himself. Em is used to address the female or for the female to address herself.

Here are a few ways that you can use to address your crush, lover or partner in Vietnamese.

♂ male ------ ♀ female

Address the
person as ...
yourself as ...
♂ anh♀ emyou / me
♀ em♂ anhyou / me
♂ anh yêu♀ em yêuhoney
♀ em yêu♂ anh yêuhoney
♂ chồng yêu♀ vợ yêuhubby / wifey
♀ vợ yêu♂ chồng yêuwifey / hubby

You may also replace the word yêu with iu. There is no such word iu in the Vietnamese dictionary, it simply makes things sound "cuter".


Please note that these phrases use anh as the first person (male), and em as the second person (female). Switch the pronouns as needed.

Want to learn more on the pronouns? We have a perfect in-depth article for you on the Vietnamese first & second singular pronouns. It's a very complicated but important topic that we've made it easy and straightforward for all learners.

For both Single & Couple

  1. Anh nhớ em
    : I miss you

  2. Anh thích em
    : I like you

  3. Anh yêu em
    : I love you

  4. Anh yêu em rất nhiều
    : I love you very much

  5. Anh muốn ôm em mãi
    : I want to hug you forever

  6. Anh muốn hôn em
    : I want to kiss you

  7. Anh thích đôi mắt của em
    : I like your eyes

  8. Anh thích nụ cười của em
    : I like your smile

  9. Anh nhớ mùi hương của em
    : I miss your smell

  10. Hôm nay, em trông rất đẹp
    : Today, you look very beautiful

Vietnamese Courses

For Single

  1. Em có thích anh không?
    : Do you like me?

  2. Làm bạn gái anh nhé
    : Be my girlfriend ok

(bạn gái = girlfriend; bạn trai = boyfriend, người yêu = lover)

  1. Em là của anh
    : You're mine

  2. Anh không thể ngưng nghĩ về em
    : I can't stop thinking about you

  3. Anh yêu em từ cái nhìn đầu tiên
    : I love you from the first sight

  4. Gặp em là điều may mắn nhất với anh
    : Meeting you is the luckiest thing for me

  5. Anh muốn là người làm em hạnh phúc
    : I want to be the one who makes you happy

For Couple

  1. Em có yêu anh không?
    : Do you love me?

  2. Em là tất cả của anh
    : You're my everything

  3. Mỗi ngày anh càng yêu em nhiều hơn
    : Every day I love you even more

  4. Anh không biết mình đã làm gì để xứng đáng có em
    : I don't know what I did to deserve you.

  5. Lấy anh nhé
    : Marry me ok

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